Sculpture in The City Team (SITC Team)

SITC is delivered by the City of London Corporation in partnership with local businesses. Since the project’s inception in 2010, the City of London has worked with Lacuna, a creative projects consultant, to develop the project and provide strategic advice.

Simon Glynn – City of London Corporation (Natural Environment: Policy & Projects) – Project Director  – Oversees overall programme, strategy and fundraising. 

Stella Ioannou – Lacuna – Artistic Director  – Oversees the creative aspects of the project, liaising with artists, galleries and various programme partners (including Whitechapel Gallery to deliver Nocturnal Creatures), fundraising and external partnerships as well as, in collaboration with Caro Communications, The PR and communication strategy.

Alice Sandon – Lacuna – Arts Producer – Manages the production of events such as Sculpture in the City’s programme for Whitechapel Gallery’s Nocturnal Creatures. 

Tom Noble – City of London Corporation (City Operations: Policy & Projects) – Group Manager – Oversees overall project, finance and City compliance.

Samantha Greer – City of London Corporation (City Operations: Policy & Projects) – Project Support Officer –  Manages the communication and outreach programme, artwork approvals, digital engagement and general project administration. 

Arts Advisory Group

The Arts Advisory Group reviews and selects artworks from the submissions made from the annual open call and also provide creative and strategic advice. The Arts Advisory Group includes: Lotte Johnson, Curator, Barbican Centre; Sepake Angiama, Artistic Director, Iniva; Iwona Blazwick OBE, Former Director, Whitechapel Gallery; Wendy Fisher, Collector and Philanthropist; Whitney Hintz, Hiscox Curator; Andrea Schlieker, Tate Britain; In 2020 we also welcomed guest artist Thomas J Price, who exhibited in Sculpture in the City in 2018.

We would like to thank Stephen Feeke and Gavin Turk for their contributions to the Arts Advisory Group. Stephen took part in the Arts Advisory Group from 2016-2020 and Gavin Turk joined the group as a guest artist from 2018-2020 following his exhibition in Sculpture in the City in 2016.

The Partner Board

From the outset, local businesses have been one of the major driving forces behind Sculpture in the City. The members of the Partner Board are senior executives from the Partner companies and advise on the direction and future development of the project. Their contribution is also vital as advocates of the project within the business community in the Square Mile and beyond.

The Partner Board consists of members from Aviva, Bloomberg, Brookfield, CC Land, City of London Corporation, Hiscox, London & Oriental, Nuveen Real Estate, Tower 42, 22 Bishopsgate.

The City of London also retains the services of Caro Communications, PR consultants; Mtec, Artwork Transportation, Installation and Handling team; Price & Myers, Structural Engineers; Urban Learners, Education programme consultants; Sally Bowling, Conservator.