Sculpture in the City
Education programme 2022

Sculpture in the City offers exciting opportunities for young people to engage with the City of London through our extensive educational programme delivered by Urban Learners. This autumn, working with artists, architects and sponsor-company volunteers, 200 students from local schools will participate in a total of 36 workshops that:

  • Exploring these public spaces and neighbouring buildings (before and after the sculptures are installed)
  • Creatively responding to the public spaces and sculptures


These customised workshops represent a significant element of the Sculpture in the City overall programme, and benefits students, aged 10-14 years old, from neighbouring borough schools. These schools have students from under-represented communities, many of whom have never visited the City before, and /or are unlikely to consider the city, art or the built environment as career and cultural pathway options. Through the series of four workshops, the students discover new places in the city, and learn about the value of public art.

School girl looking through a finder

Children looking at a drawn image


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