About the Artwork

Please note this artwork is no longer on display.

Action 180: At 9:15 am Sunday 28 May 1967 is one of a series of 12 sculptures that form the body of work titled ‘Site of the Fall – Study of a Renaissance Garden’. From research on reportage images of the Vietnam war, a single composition was selected, the image of which has been reconstructed through a process of rendering based on live subjects. Hand carved Carrara marble depicts the subject as larger than life. The plinth is a site-specific design to communicate with the environment of where it’s situated.

Year: 2016

Image courtesy of the artist. Kindly loaned by the Kamel Lazaar Foundation. Photo: © Nick Turpin


Hand carved, polished Carrara marble, Unique version of 2


240 x 80 x 55cm

Artist Biography

Reza Aramesh

Using photography, sculpture, collage, drawing, video and performance, Reza Aramesh recounts war reportage of violence as well as echoing the vision of fervent revival of the cycles of life. Reza’s work generates discussion towards topics of displacement, war, violence and trauma by using the subjected body as source material. He engages with contemporary culture, political, and social concern at the same time he picks up key points of western art history to engage in a visual dialogue whilst questioning the iconography of suffering represented by artists within European art historical canon.