About the Artwork

After witnessing the 2011 tragedy, Keita Miyazaki felt the need to create a new ‘utopian’ vision out of the ashes of the ‘dystopia’ in Japan: Artworks created out of the rubble; sculptures pointing forward to a new beginning. Miyazaki marries traditional Japanese techniques with parts of old car engines to create a completely new visual universe. The particularity of his sculptures is increased by sound, which emanates strategically from various points. The jingles heard vary from music played in Japanese supermarkets; sounds of Tokyo and London; to the tunes played in the Tokyo public transport system. Miyazaki’s wish is to create a geographical connection between London and Japan.

Year: 2014

Copyright the artist, courtesy of Rosenfeld Porcini. Photo: © Nick Turpin


car parts, resin, urethane colour, stainless steel, speaker system


330 x 115 x 70 cm

Artist Biography

Keita Miyazaki

Miyazaki studied at the Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan (2003-2015) and at the Royal College of Art, UK (2011- 2013). He exhibited at the Daiwa Foundation (London, 2015); rosenfeld porcini (London, 2014); and elsewhere in the UK and Japan. Miyazaki was selected for the ‘By the Waterside’ programme at Art International (Istanbul, 2014). Miyazaki won The Government of Tokyo Prize (2007). Following this award his work was selected for the public collection of Ogi Kankou Ltd and his work was displayed as a public artwork on Sado Island, Niigata Prefecture, Japan. He has also won the Haruji Naitou Prize and Ataka Prize from Tokyo University of Arts, Japan.