About the Artwork

Taking the form of imagined phantasmagorical fruits, these artworks by Victor Lim Seaward function simultaneously as aesthetic sculptures and functional bird nests. The nests are sculpted using digital software and fully 3D printed in a durable material called PETG, before being painted in enamel. Conceived to attach to trees and blend in with the seasonal foliage, the sculptures have been designed in accordance with RSPB guidelines to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for nesting. The internal cavity is insulated to provide warmth during cold snaps, drainage holes have been incorporated in case of heavy rain, and sustainable coconut hemp is used as nesting material.

Year: 2022

Courtesy of Victor Seaward and Brooke Benington. Photo: © Nick Turpin


Enamel and epoxy resin on 3D printed PETG



Artist Biography

Victor Lim Seaward

Victor Lim Seaward (b. 1988, Kuala Lumpur) studied BA History of Art at University of Leeds (2007-2010) and MA Painting at Royal College of Art (2016-2018). Recent exhibitions include: Elbow Room, The Sunday Painter, London (2022); Still Life, Fabian Lang, Switzerland (2022); Holy Bark, Zabludowicz Collection, London (2022); On the Other Hand, Canary Wharf curated by Brooke Benington (2021); Orcale, Josh Lilley Gallery, London (2021); 5th Edition of Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer curated by Brooke Benington, Fulmer (2020); Listen to the Hum, Alice Black Gallery, London (2019); Nebelmeer, Recent Activity, Birmingham (2019); Vanitas, Rectory Projects, London (2019); Isabelline and Other Colours, Lily Brooke, London (2019); Outlines Roughly the Size of a Suit - Two Person with Luke Burton, Union Gallery, London (2019). Recent Awards include: Valerie Beston Grant, Painting Department, Royal College of Art (2018).