About the Artwork

Moore’s piece, carved from Carrara marble, becomes translucent when penetrated by the sun, making the passing of time tangible.

Deep within the landscape of the city, sunlight bounces endlessly between reflective surfaces. The surrounding buildings create passing shadows and moments of inactivity, allowing the illumination of the work to be ephemeral, its activation by the sun a momentary phenomenon.

Moore’s sculptures create a space that asks us to pause and observe. Taunting our instantaneous expectations. The sun becomes the artist, dictating when the work is activated and dormant. These pieces are created in a place of servitude, a return to sun-worship, a deeper notion of time.

Year: 2021

Copyright the artist. Photo: © Nick Turpin


Carrara Marble


1.5 x 2.2 m

Artist Biography

Emma Louise Moore

Moore is an Irish Artist, based in London. She did her BA at LSAD, Ireland and MA at Central Saint Martins. She was a finalist for the National Sculpture Prize, with an upcoming group exhibition at Christie's Auction House. Past shows include Tate Exchange at Tate Modern, solo shows in New York, Ireland and Melbourne. Her work catches the ephemerality of nature and questions humanity's ecological literacy. Our ability to understand and place emphasis on the basic principles of an inter-connected nature. Her recent works align with the summer solstice, through working with Astrophysics, their placement is meticulously calculated, creating a yearly phenomenon. She is attempting to reach a point of intrinsical awareness once had by our neolithic ancestors.