About the Artwork

Habitat is a word that describes an ecological system that is in balance – where an animal, plant or other organism inhabits. It was important for the artist to choose a title that could guide the viewer to look at the sculpture in an ecological, environmental and sustainable context.

The artist seeks to address the ecological imbalance that exists in our ERA, which began with the industrial revolution, that has been becoming more complex in the last century and which continues to worsen in the beginning of the 21st century.

The decline of this balance is ongoing and, in the future, could have a final impact on our species and the planet itself.

Year: 2021

Copyright the artist. Photo: © Nick Turpin




265 x 250 x 72 cm

Artist Biography

Pedro Pires

Born in Luanda, (1978, Angola), lives in Lisbon (Portugal). Pedro Pires uses different media, techniques, and everyday objects that are strongly utilitarian and mass produced to construct various figurative and conceptual meanings of identity in different societies. There is a constant concern to think about local and global issues, using references from traditional, popular, local or foreign contexts. He reflects on his political, economic and social position in Angola and Portugal. His research floats between three main subjects: a feeling of dislocated national identity; migration/refugees; and human rights. These three main subjects, which are interlocked, work as anchors for his practice and thinking.