Activity 14

About the Activity

Continue designing a sculpture for St Helen’s Square or under ‘The Cheesegrater’.


Watch the animation below to set the scene for this activity.

This activity is a continuation of activity 13, where participants sketched sculpture ideas for St Helen’s Square or under ‘The Cheesegrater’ considering location, scale, materials and form. Activity 14 helps develop this initial idea in 3D through sketching and making activities with guidance from our toolkit sheets. Instructions for using this activity pack are provided on it’s cover page.

Tip! Have another look at activity 13 for a recap on the important themes to consider when designing public art, and to watch the ‘introducing the design task’ video!

Click the download link to access the activity and toolkit sheets.

This family activity is great for 8 years+. Spend as much time as you like making your sculpture ideas!