Activity 12

About the Activity

Abstract Modelling inspired by ‘Abstract Mass’ by Nina Saunders


Abstract Mass is comprised of the concrete casts of two comfy armchairs. This abstract model making activity is inspired by the way the artist takes an everyday object and replicates it in a different material. Have fun making and then using paper mache to replicate small ‘everyday’ objects such as a bowl, plastic bottle, balloon etc to create a new form in a different material. Once dried you could paint or colour in the paper mache 3D form. You could make lots of different moulds and place them together (once dried) to transform the ‘everyday’ objects into a new form, creating your own sculpture!

The activity sheet provides step by step illustrated instructions and a paper mache glue recipe. Photos of different paper mache creations are provided in the pack for inspiration.


Click the download link to access the activity instruction sheet and ‘Abstract Mass’ fact sheet.


This activity is great for all the family! Making the paper mache mould takes approximately 1 hour, and the mould needs to dry overnight. Spend as much time as you like colouring in or painting the mould.