Activity 11

About the Activity

Abstract Modelling inspired by ‘Stagnight’ by Michael Lyons


‘Stagnight’ was inspired by the artist’s black and white drawings of forest trees and shadows, and the light and shadows of the drawings were transformed into the solids and voids of the sculpture. This abstract model making activity also uses 2D shapes to create a 3D form!

Have fun experimenting with the provided template to see how many different 3D forms you can create with its 2D organic shapes. The activity sheet provides step by step illustrated instructions, and photos of examples made from the template’s shapes are also provided in the pack for inspiration.

Alternatively you could draw your own shapes on scrap paper or card.


Click the download link to access the activity instruction sheet, template and ‘Stagnight’ fact sheet.


This family activity is great for 8 years+. Spend as much time as you like playing with the template to create different 3D forms!