About the Artwork

Support for a Cloud plays across ideas of macro and micro – referencing concepts rooted in the natural sciences from cosmological formation to that of the insect cocoon. The artwork which is hung in three different locations is intended to inhabit the urban environment with its alien, nest-like structures that play on synthetic/organic forms. The visibly complex surface of these cocoon-like structures is generated by loops of agglomerated tape. The surface is alluring, even seductive and gently catches both daylight and artificial light, which animate the work further. These works are like small pieces of architecture inhabiting the manmade environment like nests or protective cocoons.

Year: 2017

Courtesy the artist and domobaal. Photo: © Nick Turpin


outdoor television aerial, wire coat-hangers, greenhouse/poly-tunnel repair tape


3 pieces, approx 150 x 75 x 65 cm each

Artist Biography

Mhairi Vari

Mhairi Vari is a sculptor working in London. On receiving her Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art (Sculpture) at Royal Academy Schools in 2004, she was awarded the Royal British Sculpture Society Award, with a solo exhibition at RBS Gallery, London in 2005. In 2010-2011 Vari was awarded the Wheatley Fine Art Bequest Fellowship at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design. She has exhibited regularly in Galleries, in Cellars, in Barns, and Universities, in Art Fairs and fund-raising auctions to universal acclaim. Her practice is represented by Domo Baal in London.