About the Artwork

Time spent in the South of France has resulted in many drawings of the plants of the region, in particular the parasol pines. Despite my work being resolutely non-figurative, throughout my life I have made studies of the natural and man-made world around me. These are made from a simple enjoyment of the forms I come across but are not at the forefront of my mind when engaged in my studio activities. They must, however, be making their presence felt at some subconscious level. For the sculptures that make up the Southern Shade series share with the drawings an involvement with interwoven linear elements, some free in space and others entangled in a shadow interior which echo the shaded canopy of the trees and their complex latticework of branches.

The various elements that comprise the works are expressed as potentially separate parts implying the possibility of shifting and changing.

As with all my sculpture, I attempt to make the works light on their feet, countering the drag of gravity with a visual uplift, just as nature strives to do.
Nigel Hall, March 2014

Year: 2012

Copyright the artist, courtesy of Annely Juda Fine Art. Photo: © Nick Turpin


bronze, phosphor bronze


250 x 267 x 55 cm; 250 x 240 x 57.8 cm