About the Artwork

The piece displays Petroc Sesti’s ongoing research into creating contained environments for the chaotic expression of raw energy. The Sun initially featured in his work in a previous collaboration with NASA in 2001 using footage from their ‘SOHO’ space probe for the creation of Suspended Animation.

Solar | Relay is a technological shift, allowing the artist to navigate into exclusive and unprecedented 4K film quality, where solar micro filaments travel on a digital canvas showcasing the violent beauty of Coronal Mass Ejections. The added resolution acts as an ever layered platform to study, reconstruct and highlight the seed filaments and explosions that make up the anatomy of our star and give rise to so much on our planet. Through the monthly relays, the screens are refreshed with Petroc Sesti’s translation of this footage, drawing the viewers in towards hypnotic visual manifestations of the Sun’s force.
The singularity of such events is highlighted, critical energy states that host both order and chaos, sublime expressions of a violence of beauty.

Year: 2016

Copyright the artist, Courtesy of Petroc Sesti Studio Photo © Nick Turpin


LED installation

Artist Biography

Petroc Sesti

British artist born in London 1973. Studying at Byam Shaw School of art and Chelsea School of Art, before going on to complete a residency in Carrara doing marble Sculpture. © Brunswick Arts | 2017 | Confidential | 15 Petroc Sesti presents sculptures and paintings in constant, but variable motion; both static and fluid, dynamic and stable. From urban multi-ton sculptures that liquify their environment to delicate wax forms, they are fluid contortions of energy, movement and optical view. He lives and works in London and shows internationally, representing great Britain at the 9th Shanghai Biennale.