About the Artwork

Through her project, Murmurs of the Deep, Laura Arminda Kingsley creates a pictorial world in which our communion with the cosmos and nature is unmediated by cultural valuations or static ideas of identity. To accomplish this, Kingsley looks at the world through the lens of deep time, giving equal importance to; the microscopic and the macroscopic; folklore and science; and the archaic and the new, to offer the viewer a non-hierarchical perspective in which to reconsider their place in the world.

Installed on the escalators of The Leadenhall Building, Murmurs of the Deep invites viewers to immerse themselves in its freer, wilder world.

To accompany the artwork on display, the artist has created the Murmurs of the Deep Sound Installation, which consists of a recording of a poem, written in response to the piece playing in a continuous loop. In sharing this poem, inspired by the deep time history of our oceans and waterways; the artist hopes to offer the audience an alternative perspective with which to reconsider their place in the world. The sound installation is available to listen on Sculpture in the City’s multimedia guide on the Bloomberg Connects app. 

Year: 2021

Copyright the artist. Photo: © Nick Turpin





Artist Biography

Laura Arminda Kingsley

Laura Arminda Kingsley was born in 1984, in Ohio, U.S.A to Dominican parents. She lives and works in Switzerland. Kingsley received a M.F.A from California College of the Arts, a B.F.A. from Hunter College and an A.A.S. from Chavón. In 2021 she received the Art Studio Award of the City of Dübendorf and the LOCUS micro-grant. Her work has been featured in various publications including Womanifesto Magazine, Denkbilder Magazin, SMoCA’s Blog and Let’s Get creative by the Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose. In 2021 her work can be seen in Parcours Culturel in Biel, the CICA Museum in Seoul, the Locus Digital Gallery in Chicago, Pineapple Black Virtual Arts in Middlesbrough, Old New England in Oakland and Kunst im GZ in Regensdorf.