About the Artwork

This project focuses on the everyman, the natural environment and memories to place and memory itself. A series of engraved brass bench plaques have been installed to existing benches around the City of London. The plaques have been created to mimic the plaques that often adorn benches to memorialise or pay homage to a specific person. These, however, are fabricated: in loving memory of a ‘made up’ person or place or abstract idea.

Some of them are optimistic for a better future others long for a forgotten past. Some are more fantastical, abstract and others are more direct and perturbing or prescient. Many rely on humour as a way of communicating the idea.

Following inclusion in the 10th Edition of Sculpture in the City, the artwork now resides permanently in the City of London.

Year: 2020


Copyright the artist. Photo: © Nick Turpin


Etched brass plaques


10cm x 5cm each

Artist Biography

Oliver Bragg

Oliver Bragg’s multimedia practice encompasses an array of forms, design, sculpture, as well as, lecture and performance. He maps an askew view of the world that teeters between the banal and fantastic, reality and fiction and the natural and manmade. Ideas often sit between the everyday and fantastical alternative universes that have their own aesthetic or abstract logic. He enjoys playful ideation and is looking for a glimpse of magic or something that may work if things were slightly rearranged or rethought. Bragg has exhibited throughout the UK and internationally. He was awarded the ARTE/Cutlog prize, France in 2012 for the originality and pertinence of work, evolution potential and the coherence of creation. He did his Bachelor degree in Fine Art (Hons) at Wimbledon College of Art.