About the Artwork

In the late 1970s and early 1980s the movement of material began to capture Lynn Chadwick’s imagination. What had begun as an exploration of drapery over the human form developed into a focus on the effects of wind in a series of works called High Wind. High Wind IV is the last in this series. It explores the physical possibilities of a single female figure, frozen in motion as a gust of wind hits. Her hair is blown over her face, eclipsing her identity and her skirt is propelled forward. The skirt allowed Chadwick to explore curved shapes within his sculptures, with their possibilities of interior volumes and hollows, but it also fulfilled the practical function of support.

Year: 1995

Copyright the artist Courtesy of the Estate of Lynn Chadwick and Blain|Southern. Photo: © Nick Turpin




175 x 67 x 120 cm

Artist Biography

Lynn Chadwick

In the later part of Lynn Chadwick’s career he moved away from the representation of seated and standing figures from the 1970s and set himself the new challenge of capturing figures in motion. Stairs, 1991 shows two female figures ascending and descending a flight of stairs caught in contrary motion. While their bodies and legs are naturalistically modelled, their polished triangular faces remain ciphers. They pass each other without acknowledgement.