About the Artwork

Michael Craig-Martin is best known for using subjects drawn from ordinary life. He has developed a vocabulary of familiar images and, with what he calls his ‘universal language’, he uses ‘simple things to describe very complex ideas’ about form and purpose. With his characteristic economy of means, Michael Craig-Martin’s ‘Hammer (blue)’ has maximum impact. Enlarged and rendered in a stark, brightly coloured outline, the sculpture is three dimensional but at the same time looks like a great drawing in the sky.

Year: 2011

Courtesy Gagosian Gallery and Roche Court Sculpture Park


powder coated steel


306 x 127 x 2 cm

Artist Biography

Michael Craig-Martin

Michael Craig-Martin was born in Dublin in 1941 and was educated in the United States, studying fine art at Yale University. He returned to Europe in the mid-1960s, becoming one of the key figures in British conceptualism. He was a professor at Goldsmith’s College from 1974-1988 and 1994-2000, where he was a powerful influence on emerging generations of British artists.