About the Artwork

Wieser’s site specific wallwork for The Leadenhall Building weaves various narratives—fictive, biographical, historical—into a backdrop that functions like a stage, encouraging the viewer to consider his or her place in time at the center of a great human drama that unfolds recurrently and relentlessly.

Situated in the City of London, whose history goes back to the Roman Empire, the arc is spanned from the ancient past to the present day.

Collaged together from her vast archive, the combination of textures, architecture elements, representatives of the past and the present, the layer of real people passing by automatically becomes part of the image cycle.

Year: 2022

Courtesy the artist; Sies + Höke, Düsseldorf Photo: © Nick Turpin





Artist Biography

Claudia Wieser

Claudia Wieser’s diverse practice spans a range of media, including drawing, sculpture, wall installations and ceramics, touching on fields including art, architecture, and design, as well as film and theatre. Her work is often based on the principles of geometric abstraction, and combines both art and craftsmanship, with objects such as painted ceramics and gilded wooden vases exploring the relationship between aesthetics and function, and the limits of shape, form and colour. Wieser is also interested in the development of art history and media: a utility object’s transition into a work of art, for example, or the white cube’s transformation into a stage.