About the Artwork

Franz West invited the public not only to view his art but also to physically engage with it. As the title Garden Pouf suggests, the artist intended for this fun sculpture to be treated as a functional piece of art. Installed on Undershaft in front of Hiscox and St Helen’s Church, the piece received a lot of attention from children and visitors. Franz West has exhibited internationally for more than three decades in galleries, museums and major festivals.

Year: 2010

Copyright the artist, Courtesy of Gagosian Gallery.


Lacquered Aluminium

Artist Biography

Franz West

Franz West lived and worked in Vienna, where he was born in 1947. West began his career in mid-1960s Vienna when a local movement called Actionism was in full swing. West’s earliest sculptures, performances, and collages were a reaction to this movement. In the early 1970s, West began making a series of small, portable sculptures called “Adaptives” (“Paßtücke”). In many ways, his large-scale aluminum sculptures are simply overgrown versions of the “Adaptives.” but they also relate directly to his installations, where West makes furniture. West had the ability to make comfortable and colorfully upholstered couches and chairs which transform galleries, museums, and public spaces into lounge-like, sociable environments for viewing art. West has exhibited internationally for more than three decades in galleries and museums, and at major festivals.