About the Artwork

Gary Webb’s whimsical, texturised tower of joyful abstraction is composed of a number of individually crafted components. The use of bronze, which lends Dreamy Bathroom a sense of sculptural gravitas, is pitched against the colourful, aesthetic playfulness of the shapes. The reflective, brightly coloured surfaces allude to, or parody, the kitsch appropriations of Pop Art, whilst the forms themselves are a nod to the post-industrial rigours of Modernism. Webb’s practice focuses on the formal interplay between contrasting shapes, lines, materials, fabrication techniques and points of art-historical reference. Rendered in a combination of industrial, organic and classical materials, Webb combines traditional craft methodologies with modern technologies, in order to create work that evades categorization, and tends towards the inscrutable.

Year: 2014

Copyright the artist, courtesy of the artist Photo: © Nick Turpin


Aluminium, bronze, automotive grade paint and laquer


350 x 150 cm, 1900 kg

Artist Biography

Gary Webb

Gary Webb was born in Dorset, UK in 1973. He graduated from BA Fine Art at Goldsmiths University, London in 1997 and still lives and works in London. Combining the forms and traditions of 20th-century sculpture with the synthetic materials and methods of the design industry, Webb’s works appear as idiosyncratic, nonsensical and playful propositions. Webb was awarded the ‘Delfina’ Award for studio space in 2000, and has taken part in numerous international solo and group exhibitions. Over the last 15 years he has also created a number of public and private commissions.