About the Artwork

Jun T. Lai created Bloom Paradise to symbolize hope and love. The artist’s intention was to bring greater positivity into the pandemic stricken world and release healing energy. This artwork reflects the contemporary global cultural value of diversity and heterogeneity.

The work is composed of the “Flower of Hope,” the “Flower of the Sky,” and the “Flower of Life” – a transformation of the spirit and metaphor of a lotus into a three-dimensional sculpture. From pollution to purification, from death to regeneration, the lotus reveals nature’s life cycle.

The bright and colorful flowers call to an imaginative world, leading the visitor into a fantasy wonderland. Through this work, the artist hopes to bring positive energy and joy, a gift of life, to everyone.

Bloom Paradise is featured with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan and Cultural Division at the Taipei Representative Office in the UK.

Year: 2019

Copyright the artist. Photo: © Nick Turpin


Stainless Steel, FRP, Painting


398 x 398 x 287 cm, 230 x 230 x 190 cm, 120 x 120 x 136 cm

Artist Biography

Jun T. Lai

Born in 1953 in Taiwan, Jun T. Lai received an M.A. degree from Tama Art University in Japan. Lai’s art has been built on her spiritual life practice engaging concepts of minimalism, the exploration of the nature of the innate and internal state of existence, even touching on social issues involved with public art. The connections between the island, the ocean and the earth form a culturally oceanic aesthetic has consistently reflected her stylistic pursuits of liberalism. Since 2000, Jun T. Lai has been exploring and constructing the basis of “the individual” and Taiwanese subjectivity through the theme of youth, islands, and oceans through the “Wonderland” series. As the president of the Woman Art Association in Taiwan, Lai’s vigorous strength and passion for life can be seen in over 100 exhibits in Taiwan, Japan, the U.S., Australia, France, and Switzerland.