About the Artwork

Working with ready-mades and often incongruous found items, Richard Wentworth transforms, juxtaposes and manipulates them into arrangements that subvert their intended use and undermine their supposedly routine and ‘fixed’ nature. These displaced everyday objects are brought to the viewer’s attention casting a light to the surrealistic quality of the mundane.
Such is the case of Twenty-Four Hour Flag (1992) where an assemblage of kitchen chairs are inexplicably suspended from the edge of the building drawing the viewers attention to the sky in the City of London. As the artist puts is “The best place in cities is the skyline. It’s where ‘we’ meet ‘nature’. Look up!”.

Year: 1992

Copyright the artist, courtesy of Lisson Gallery, London. Photo © Robb Mcrae


steel and laminate



Artist Biography

Richard Wentworth

A leading figure in contemporary British Sculpture, Richard Wentworth continuous to challenge and influence the way sculpture and photography is created today. His work and artistic language draws inspiration and make radical use of the material of the world by challenging the notion of objects and their use as part of our day-to-day experiences. Richard Wentworth lives and works in London.